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Tien Mai

Nickname: #99 Em'erald

Crossed: Spring 2018

Big: Pa Zao “raePunZel” Lee

Major: Pre-Nursing

Year: Class of 2021

Birthday: May 17

Hometown: Menomonee Falls, WI

Ethnicity/Heritage: Vietnamese

Pronouns: she/her/hers

One thing on your bucket list: To go to the Museum of Ice Cream in California.

What I Enjoy: A beautiful sunset, and sometimes the many people (including myself) that will stop and capture the beautiful moment.

What I Aspire: To be someone's strength, reason, or support for them to move forward or overcome an obstacle

Why did you join aKDPhi?

I was hooked by the networking and eternal that aKDPhi had on its sxsters. Since joining, I have received so much love and mentorship in so many aspects. The sxsterhood that each sxster had for one another made me want to be apart of that as well!

How has your time in aKDPhi helped/improved/challenged you? 

aKDPhi has helped me trust the people around me, to not be afraid of anything, and to have confidence in everything I do.

Positions Held in aKDPhi: Co-Asian Awareness Chair (Fall 2018), Rush Co-Chair (Fall 2019), Vice-President Service (Spring 2020)

Affiliates & Positions Held: Member of Pitches and Notes, Vietnamese Student Association

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