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General Information


national history

alpha Kappa Delta Phi was established at the University of California at Berkeley in the fall of 1989, and recognized by the College Panhellenic Association on February 7, 1990. The fourteen founding sisters: Betty Chu, Karin Co, Susan Kim, Nancy Lee, Sherri Leung, Annie Loo, Belinda Ma, Anita Ng, Serene Ngin, Fannie Pon, Josie Sun, Daisy Wu, Jill Yoshimura, and Reina Yuan, dedicated themselves to establishing a strong and lasting organization, which would provide Asian American women the opportunity to participate in the Greek system. Soon after being recognized by the College Panhellenic Association, the founding sisters brought together a diverse group of women who shared with them the goals of sisterhood, scholarship, and leadership. These ideals were to later set the foundation for alpha Kappa Delta Phi's purpose.

chapter history

Inspired by the need for unifying Asian women at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, a group of women came together with the same goals of sisterhood and Asian Awareness. Asian Sisterhood Alliance (ASA) was created in November 2006 by Shirley Chan, Lulu Ji, Julien Lee, Natalie Mak, Diana Man, Viengneesee Thao, Amanda Tso, Phebe Wong, Zoe Wong, and Cindy Wu, to establish the first Asian-American interest sorority at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The goals of ASA were to find an opportunity for Asian/Asian American women to take part in the Greek life on campus.




A year later, five other dedicated women: Irene Ieong, Jessica Pan, Ada Sze, Diana Thao, and Jing Yu, joined the group with the same aspirations. As ASA worked hard as an organization for two years to build the foundation of sisterhood and Asian awareness, they finally found a sorority that best suited their ideals. By giving ASA a bid, alpha Kappa Delta Phi believed that ASA deserved the opportunity to be a part of the largest Asian-interest sorority in the nation and would be an essential group to sharing the same values of promoting breast cancer awareness. The goals of alpha Kappa Delta Phi which include sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, service, and Asian/Asian American awareness are all necessities that would make a difference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As each member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison charter pledge class promised to uphold the standards and traditions of the sorority, they were also determined to reach their goal of eternal sisterhood with love, loyalty and respect. The charter 

pledge class became the Charter Charms in May 2008. These fifteen extraordinary women established the 44th chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Sorority Inc. As the University of Wisconsin-Madison Colony Chapter grew, each and every single young woman vowed to continue the traditions of the sorority, build bonds with other Greek organization on campus, and provide Asian/Asian American awareness on campus.
Additionally, the charter class recognized the importance of having a support system tailored for alumnae to continue the sorority's value beyond graduation. Thus, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Chapter Alumnae Association (CAA) was established in the fall of 2008. Six years later, with the support of the Wisconsin CAA, Madison Greek community, and sisters around the world, the Wisconsin Pre Associate Chapter obtained Associate Status at alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s National Convention 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Eight years after that, with dedicated work and continued support, the 2021-2022 Active House was able to run for Full Fledged status and obtained Alpha Epsilon chapter at the 2022 International Convention in Los Angeles, California. With the perpetual support from our siblings and peers, the University of Wisconsin - Madison Alpha Epsilon Chapter will continue to empower women and sustain the pillars that aKDPhi is founded upon.

mission statement

The sisterhood of alpha Kappa Delta Phi provides women with a sense of belonging that nurtures life-long friendships, develops self-empowered leaders, and strengthens communities through service, scholarship, and Asian-Awareness. 

vision statement

aKDPhi envisions a worldwide network of respected, confident women who elevate each other and their communities through compassionate, purpose-driven leadership that ensures diversity, encourages innovation, and promotes collaboration.

crest elements

CREED: Love and Friendship
MOTTO: "Timeless Friendship Through Sisterhood"
COLORS: Purple and White
SYMBOL: Hourglass
STONE: Diamond

sorority pillars




Asian Awareness


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