Why aKDPhi/What are the benefits of joining aKDPhi?

We're the largest internationally recognized Asian-Interest sorority. Joining akdphi means that you will be able to . . . 

  • Network and connect with an incredible amount of alumnae and sxsters in your chapter and across the nation

  • Gain friendships and a sxsterhood that lasts a lifetime

  • Enhance your college experience through supporting our philanthropy and participating in community service  

  • Develop professional skills such as leadership, accountability, time management, etc.

  • Personal growth fostered by diverse womxn

What does "Asian-Interest" mean?/Do I have to be Asian to join?

Although we are Asian-interest, we are NOT Asian-exclusive. We welcome every person who identifies as a womxn regardless of race, religion, grade/age, socioeconomic background, etc. As an organization, one of our goals is to promote cultural awareness which is reflected in our sxster’s varying ethnic backgrounds all around the nation. You do not have to be a specific “type” of person, our sxsterhood is strengthened by our differences in knowledge, wisdom, and beliefs. 


What is recruitment/rush?

Recruitment, or rush, is usually a 1 to 2 week-long period where our sorority hosts many events to get to know you better as well as for you to learn about us. You’ll discover what aKDPhi means to us, meet our sxsters and new people, as well as identify if akdphi is a fit for you. Regardless of your level of interest, we highly encourage you and your friends to come learn more about us!

What does recruitment entail?

Recruitment entails an interview. To qualify for one, you must attend at least three different rush events, one informational meeting and two social events. Our events allow us to get to know one another, we aim for them to be fun, low-stress, and comfortable settings that allow you to be yourself and learn about who we are. 


Are recruitment events binding?

Recruitment is free and non-binding! Coming out to rush with us is for you to see if we are the right fit for you as well as for us to learn more about you. You are also able to rush for any other sororities at the same time to explore your options. 


What happens if I get a bid and accept it?

Accepting a bid means that you are interested in continuing your journey towards learning and being a part of our sxsterhood and organization. You will then go through a New Member Education Process. In this process, you will meet and get to build relationships with life-long sxsters, learn an immense yet imperative amount about yourself, as well as aKDPhi’s vision. You also have the choice to not accept it as well. 


Will being in a sorority affect my grades?

The academic impact of joining a sorority and going through the process is a very realistic concern. The sxsters of the alpha Kappa Delta Phi chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Madison believes that you are a student first. We enforce the prioritization of academics and establish academic and accountability infrastructures to ensure that sxsters can still be students and a sxster. Our chapter also has a minimum GPA requirement to join and stay active, an academic excellence program to support sxsters, and scholarships/programs to reward scholastic achievement.


Does aKDPhi haze?

aKDPhi has a strict no hazing policy. We do not believe in endangering the emotional, physical, or academic health of any participants regardless of whether consent or intentions are made present. Participants who receive and accept bids from us are valued as a potential future sxster of our sorority and should be treated in such a manner that proves it so. Our goal is to empower womxn and their passion for akdphi.

Contact us!

International Website: www.akdphi.org

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