Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mr Pink 2020

In honor of the upcoming month of Breast Cancer Awareness, we are excited to announce our annual Mr. Pink 2020 competition that we will be hosted virtually throughout the span of a week (10/18 - 10/25)!


The title of Mr. Pink is bestowed to a student who has a love for servicing his community, promotes a positive self-image, and encourages a healthy lifestyle. An undergraduate student from any school in the Midwest region are invited to participate and will be competing in three rounds –  an educational tiktok, talent, and interviews – in order to become Mr. Pink.


The next Mr. Pink will win $100, $50 of which will go towards BCA, and $50 will go to another organization of his choice! Stay tuned because this year’s Mr. Pink will be picked by you! Interested in becoming this year’s Mr. Pink?

The Contestants

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