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Jenny Chotsuwan

Nickname: #145 sā*kurå. 

Crossed: Fall 2022

Big: Dulce “mi’käsa” Vang

Major: Undecided

Year: Class of 2026

Ethnicity/Heritage: Thai

Pronouns: she/her/hers

What are some hobbies/interests you have?: Napping, baking, cooking, eating, and playing table tennis.


What I Aspire: I came to Wisconsin on a pre-law track, but I’m open to exploring different paths. I also want to make an impact on my community as a thank you for helping me grow. 


Favorite Food/Restaurant: Pasta

Why did you join aKDPhi?

I wanted an environment with Asian role models who could empower me to make the most of my undergraduate career. Through aKDPhi, I saw an intelligent, strong-willed version of myself who has the confidence to explore and lead. This siblinghood provides the support and resources to achieve that.

How has your time in aKDPhi helped/improved/challenged you?

Being in aKDPhi has helped strengthen my public speaking abilities by challenging me to speak in front of large numbers with clarity and confidence. My time management and teamwork skills have also improved.

Positions Held in aKDPhi: Alumnae Co-Chair

Affiliates & Positions Held: Thai Student Association

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