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Active Bio

Catalina Xiong

Nickname: #114 "d̲aënꞓryc"

Crossed: Spring 2019

Big: Aileen Pearl "mononoke" Barretto

Major: Biology

Year: Class of 2021

Birthday: July 13

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Ethnicity/Heritage: Hmong

Pronouns:  she/her/hers

One thing on your bucket list: I really want to ride a hot air balloon during the sunset, even though I'm afraid of heights.

What I Enjoy: I love eating tacos and drinking boba every day! I also enjoy adventuring and doing new things with my friends and family.

What I Aspire: I aspire to make a positive impact on society, whether it be on a big or small scale, I want to be able to make a difference for others.

Why did you join aKDPhi?

I joined aKDPhi to gain a close-knit community that I could not find elsewhere on campus. In addition, I wanted to gain leadership and professional skills.

How has your time in aKDPhi helped/improved/challenged you? 

aKDPhi has taught me how to manage my time wisely. I've learned to work smarter and not harder. I've also grown out of my comfort zone and am more outspoken than I've ever been.

Positions Held in aKDPhi: Historian (Fall 2019)

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