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Alisa Tran

Line Name: #102 ZE’PHYRUS

Crossed: Spring 2018

Big: Claudia “ODiSEAh’” Ortiz

Little: Chelsie "ÄSTRa*ia" Vang

Major: Nursing, Certificate in Global Health

Year: Class of 2022

Ethnicity/Heritage: Vietnamese American

Pronouns: she/her/hers

What are some hobbies/interests you have?: Baking, watching anime, BTS, and traveling!

What I Aspire: I want to be happy and close to my family!

Favorite Food/Restaurant: Banh Xeo

Why did you join aKDPhi?

For a home away from home!

How has your time in aKDPhi helped/improved/challenged you? 

I have an amazing support system of empowering and beautiful women who push me to become a better version of myself. I found an inclusive community that accepts me for who I am while creating life-long relationships. I have gained leadership and professional skills with the support of the most genuine women, whom I call my sisters.


Positions Held in aKDPhi: Co-Rush, Historian, Asian Awareness Co-Chair, Vice President - External, Vice President - Service, Vice President - New member Educator, Associate


Affiliates & Positions Held: Vietnamese Student Association


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